Training paces will not be assigned.  You are advised to train at whatever pace you are comfortable with.  Please consult a physician to make sure you are healthy and able to run. 

If you would like recommended training paces, based on your current fitness level, please refer to this PACE CALCULATOR  

To use, enter a recent race time.  Click "Calculate".  Click on the "Training" tab.


 weekly workout

what to bring:

training paces:

-Timing Device (Watch, GPS, Phone, Ect.)

-Water (water fountain in the park)

-Clip-on Safety Light

​-Good Running Shoes


Running workouts of higher intensity, usually 3-5 miles total.  Recommended for novice to experienced runners.  If you are just starting running, begin with the Intro to Running program first CLICK HERE


Looking to get in shape for the Run Vero Race Series or run faster times?  Run Vero will be facilitating a Weekly Workout throughout the Race Series designed to improve your running.  The workouts will typically be 3-5 miles total and consist of a warmup jog, workout (faster paced running, intervals, hill repeats, ect.), and cooldown jog. 

run vero weekly workout

Every Tuesday evening at 6:00PM from October through the end of March

Riverside Park in Vero Beach (meet in the Big Field)